The WOOL Platform's roots are in the scientific community, with its initial version being developed in the context of a European Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation project. On this page, we provide an overview of the scientific literature and other material that either describes (parts of) the WOOL technology, or uses the WOOL Platform for studies on conversational-based human computer interaction.

Scientific Publications


List of Authors

Below you can find all the scientific authors involved in publications related to the WOOL Platform (alphabetically by first name). When available, click on the author's name to view their ORCID profile.

Afonso Gouveia, Ana Maria Rodrigues, Carlos Alcobia, Harm op den Akker, Helena Canhão, Hermie Hermens, Jeannette Brodbeck, Joana Isaac, Lex van Velsen, Lena Brandl, María Suárez, Marije Blok, Marijke Broekhuis, Miriam Cabrita, Monique Tabak, Nathaniel Evans, Rute Dinis de Sousa, Silke ter Stal