WOOL Web Service Documentation

There will be documentation here about the WOOL Web Service.

1. Patch Notes

1.1. v1.1.0 (December 28th, 2021)

Update v1.1.0 introduces support for an additional way of authenticating with the WOOL Web Service (WWS). Users that are defined in the users.xml configuration file can now be given a role which can either be "user" or "admin" (if you don’t specify, the role "user" will be assumed).

When you authenticate with the WOOL Web Service (using the /auth/login end-point) as a regular "user", nothing changes in the way you interact with the service (hence this is a minor update following the semver convention).

However, when you authenticate as a user that has the "admin" role, you can control dialogues (start, progress, cancel, etc) and data (set and retrieve variables) for any "user" you specify using the optional woolUserId parameters that have been added to all API end-points.

This method of authentication may be used e.g. in a scenario where "clients" don’t directly interact with the WWS, but instead connect through a trusted web component that manages a single connection to the WWS (see Figure below).

wws user vs admin authentication
Figure 1. The two modes of authentication. Left: multiple clients authenticate directly "as themselves" with the WWS. Right: a trusted server component authenticates as an "admin" user.